Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ancestral diets

I decided to do a cleans. Well, actually not necessarily a cleans and much as a body reset. I have bean eating way to much sugar and grains lately and I do not need to get addicted to them. I decided to go on an Ancestral diet, with no grains, no fruit except for berries, lemons, and limes, a bit more meat but only organic or grass fed and not unclean meats such as shellfish and pork. Also I have bean eating a lot of greens and fermented foods like kefer. I am doing The Makers Diet 40 day program thing, and so far it has actually bean really easy. 
You can find the list of foods that I will be eating Here. I do not think that we should not eat grains at all, seeing as how even ancient humans ate grains. In fact the whole thing of not eating grains because our hunter gatherer ancestors didn't eat them is completely baseless. The remains of humans from way back thousands of years ago have bean found with grains still in their teeth. However I do think that the processed way that we eat grains is unhealthy. The ancient Egyptian ruling class suffered from many of the healthy problems such as osteoporosis  heart disease, arthritis  and cancer! that we face today, where as the lower class did not. I prefer sprouted, fermented (sourdough), and freshly ground grains. They are more easily digested when eaten this way. But I still don't think it is best to have a diet that consists mainly of grains, and since my body dose not do very well if I eat to many grains that basically turn into sugar I feel like I need to cut down on my grain and sugar consumption. 
I have bean focusing on getting lots of greens and eating a bit more meat. I know that it sounds a bit backwards to eat more meat on a cleanse, but like I said, I'm not really doing a cleans per-say  but more of a body reset. I have bean finding more of what my body dose best with, and it seam to actually do really well on more meat. I have also been drinking apple cider vinegar in warm water in the morning, and drinking kombucha during the day and much more water. I have been eating only raw cheese and Goat milk Kefer for my dairy. I can't have any beans until the first two weeks are up, but I have bean using lentils instead. After the First two weeks are up, I can incorporate corn, sweet potatoes, yams, all other kinds of dairy (that is still a whole food) and more types of beans. I also can only have certain types of nuts and seeds right now, but I will be able to add more as the weeks progress. I can of course have any types of veggies except for the ones that I will be adding in a week and white potato. I highly suggest trying out a more primitive diet with lots of whole foods, and fermented foods as well. People who eat primitive diets have way less health problems than people with processed foods diet have. Like, way, way, WAY less. Basically everything that causes the most deaths in the US, are non existent to them, and they have no need for braces on their teeth which like everyone gets anymore  It's really sad actually how much our diets are killing us. Any hoo, I have bean feeling so supper amazing! I feel like I'm back to my old self. I will post some recipes soon. Have a great Wednesday! 

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