Saturday, March 8, 2014

8 reasons why I love coconut oil

Life has definitely changed for me in the last month since having Thomas, but it sure has been a joy! I just have time for a short post today, so here is a list of 8 of my favorite uses for coconut oil.

1. Under eye treatment. It works wonders on dark under eye circles.

2. With cocoa butter for an all over body butter. Melt them together and whip if you like, then keep in a pretty jar.

3. Oil pulling, for detoxing and making my teeth white. Read more about this HERE.

4. It makes excellent toothpaste, find out how HERE.

5. It tastes so good, woks great for high heat (try making orange chicken with it) and is one of the best fats for your body! (Read more about healthy fats HERE.)

6. It makes a nice healing salve. Being antibacterial, and microbial and very healing in general it woks nicely to help wounds heal.

7. Works great for my babies skin. It helped heal his dried skin, the cuts on his feet from the jaundice tests, and his belly button (the cord came off before it healed properly. I didn't want to put anything on it that would make it burn, so I tried coconut oil, it worked so good!)

8. As a light sunscreen. Coconut oil is a natural 5spf which is fine for me since I don't go out in the sun between about 10 and 4 when its to hot for me.

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