Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The mountain mice have invaded.

 Fathers day I went up to Powderhorn with my family and experienced many new, well, things. such as gracefull dear larking through the woods, wild Iris, and getting nibbled on by mountain mice (A.K.A. Chipmunks). here are some pics. 

yes, we fed them cheddar bunnies, and caramel corn, suffice to say they were hyper.
 here is one just before its about to pounce.
One actually nibbled on my toe, then my finger. I guess they smelled like cheddar bunnies. (interesting.) All in all, it was supper fun, I highly recommend going during the summer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Destination, Hospice.

I was downtown GJ at the hospice store (where all the proceeds go to help hospice, help others in their last days.) Me and my mom love going down their because the prices are great, their are so many nifty things to find, and the money goes to a good cause. So, I found some supper awesome vintage shirts and some old lady shoes. all for about $3 each.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awesome things I made this week

1. Make bread.
Finally I made a delicious non brick like bread, It was simply,
 well beautiful. It was quite an achievement, I really must say.hehe.

2. Made a delicious and nutritious "orange Rachelioush". 
What it is, is basically an orange Julius done Rachel Style. I made it actually good for you. what you start off with is your handy dandy blender, (I use a Blendtec, they are cheaper and more powerful than vitamixes) put two fresh or frozen bananas (depends on what you have, when my bananas get really ripe I put them in ziplock baggies for later use) that are supper ripe, fill it up until a bit under the max fill line with fresh or frozen mangoes (I find the frozen much more convenient.) then fill with goat milk, rice milk, or nut milk until it covers the fruit. Now its time for the orange. Put for to five drops of orange essential oil in. put on the top and blend till you have a smooth consistency. 

Another variation is instead of using mangoes, use fresh or frozen bananas, two to four oranges depending on size and fill with some sort of milk and blend. This variation doesn't last as long. You must drink it within fifteen minutes because of the oranges. (after fifteen minutes of being pulverized they actually become harmful to you instead of incredibly beneficial. so drink up fast! I actually like the texture and added creaminess that the mangoes deliver.

3. A bike basket liner. 

I found this supper neat fabric at an estates sale, and it matched my bike perfectly! I was so happy. Thus, I decided that I must do something with it. Eventually I will make a shirt, but for now I simply put the fabric in the basket, cut out around it leaving room for stitching, sewed up the sides, and on the back made it so that I could pull some ribbon through it, and tied it around the front. I have a piece of fabric that I can button onto the back and front to keep the top closed for when I want to transport my chickies, and I also have a piece of fabric in the bottom that I can put wood chips in to catch any droppings (that makes it easy to take out and it wont let the rest of my liner get dirty).