Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Young Blood and making your own Makeup

My mom just came to my house and brought over some goodies from the beauty supply store! Since she is a cosmetologist and of coarse has her licence she gets to be supper special and get beauty products at supper awesome wholesale prices. Not only are the prices great, but they oftentimes get products before other places. So, back to the story. My mom came buy with some supper awesome sparkly hair ties, AND, here is the best part, Facial Powder!!!!! We have both bean out of foundation because 100% pure has bean out for quite a wile so we have bean using MyChelle instead. The ingredients aren't bad and we can get it at our grocery store. But it is a cream, and I don't like it as much. I have bean needing to use some of my old loose powder over it so that I get a bit better coverage and a better finish. This is where the finishing powder from Young Blood mineral cosmetics comes in. I used it just now all by itself and it worked almost just as good as regular foundation, for my needs anyway, and I can get it cheaper. (If you have a SalonCentric and know someone with some sort of beauty license you can get it for a bit less than half the price.) It doesn't cover up my "blemishes" quite as well, but I need to use cover up with any foundation anywise. I figure, that if I just use a moisturizer underneath or if I really need some long lasting coverage use a light amount of my MyChell foundation and then applying the Young Blood Finishing powder.

 I know your probably thinking whats so great about this product. Well I'll tell you. First of all it is only like $15 with my mom buying it, and secondly, it has AMAZING ingredients. By amazing I mean the bestist most awesomestly Amazing ingredients EVER! I'm not sure about the ingredients in some of their products. Some of them sound a bit shady. However the setting powder has a whole bunch of great extracts and other such skin awesomeizing stuff in it. It smells so good! Also it is a lot less than many foundations. The 100% pure foundation is about the same price, but until that returns, I'm gonna stick to this. The ingredients are something that I can make for really cheap, but I don't have any of the extracts or anything, and I need some more oxides. (They do have it at sephora, so if your lucky enough to have one I suggest you stop buy and check it out.) You can get the actual foundation for on $30 on Amazon which is pretty cool.

If you do want to make your own foundation here are some basic recipes that I like experimenting with.

Tinted setting powder or foundation:
Various types of iron oxides, browns, yellows, and reds. I get these for painting (making your own paint is so much fun!) so I just took what I had to mix and match.
You can add some Ultramarine pigment and mica also but isn't necessarily needed.
Rice flour

Only get a small amount (you will most likely need to order the pigment online) of various colors so that you can get the right color for you, but make sure you have enough probably at least 20 grams if not a bit more just in case. About 50% of the mixture should be from the rice flour. Give it a whirl in a food processor or use a mortal and pestle. Keep mixing until you get the perfect shade. This way you can leave out any bad ingredients and you get to change your foundation as your skin color changes with the seasons.

You can use your extra pigments to make blush, lip gloss and eye shadow.

Make your own Lip Gloss:

  • 1tbsp of Alo Vera gell
  • 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1/8 tbsp of vitamin E oil
  • A drop or two of essential oil it you want flavor. (You might want to mix your oil with a vegetable oil first if it is a hot oil like mint or cinnamon)
  • Earth pigments, basically what you use for your foundation but you get to play around with more colors. You can also melt down some of your lipstick in with the coconut oil if you want that exact color, or use some eye shadow or blush you have on hand. I also like beat powder or juice as a coloring. 
Mix well, and apply. Keep in an old lip balm container. If you want sun protection you can add some zinc and/or titanium oxide. It may make your lips look a bit odd though but adding pigment should help.

To make Eye Shadow:
Basically it is just a bit of rice flour with earth pigment (includes oxides) and mica. mix in a small food processor or with a mortar and pestle.

To make blush:
This is just like making foundation, only you want to use only red pigments mostly. if you want it to be a bronser  make your foundation but make it a shade or two darker and put some mica in it for sparkle.

For a natural mascara, just empty out an old mascara bottle really well and fill it with alovera and if you want a bit of vitamin E oil. Coconut oil would work too. Just sweep it on. If you want it to be colored add some eye shadow and rice flour, enough that it will form a peek when you lift you mixing tool out of the mixture, then put in a mascara container. The colored mascara wont go into a mascara container as easily. What I find that work's best is to keep it in a separate container. Put your mascara wand into the colored mascara and then push the wand into the original container and take it out so that you don't have a big glob of mascara.

If you want a kit for mineral foundation their is one at Amazon HERE. The base has titanium and zinc oxide (the least harmful way to have sunscreen) which I wouldn't use and just use rice flour instead. But then again my 100%pure foundation has them in it but I don't like how it makes my face stay lighter as the rest of me tans. That is actually my only complaint I have ever had with any of their products. However it really isn't that noticeable I just need to use foundation that is a bit lighter.

Have fun and don't be afraid to let out your creative genius!