Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Something a little different

Today I woke up to the most darling face.
The most darling face, smiling at me.
I love waking up with Thomas trying to get over to his dad, to attack him. He is such a boy! Already at seven months, he crawls over me up to Jacob, pounces on him and yells like we do when we tickle him. Jacob tickles him back and I take neither side, just to be fair.
We then went downstairs, started breakfast, changed a very full diaper, and Thomas played with a peach while I started breakfast.
We ate, all together. Thomas at his highchair, Jacob and I at the table.
Our morning, full of love and laughter, was beautiful.
Thomas played while I came up with new recipes, and he took a bath while I cleaned.
He had so much fun, as usual.
When he was done his arms came up, reaching for me to hold him.
We played peak a boo while I finished cleaning and had lunch on the kitchen floor. All three of us sat on the cool tile; Jacob and I held hands, Thomas switched from my lap, to Jacobs, to the floor playing with an apple, and back again.
While I cleaned up and Jacob went back to work, Thomas had a couple tantrums letting me know it was time for his second nap.
This one was marvelous! Two hours of reading while he slept in my arms. He slept too long, and woke up cranky and had to be carried in his wrap while I made dinner. He played outside with his dad while I played with plants; and we all ate shortly thereafter.
Jacob and I watched a documentary while Thomas played with his food; he made such a mess that he had to have another bath. We listened to music and relaxed for a while until Thomas nursed before going to sleep. He held my hand and looked into my eyes. It's a funny thing, how a baby can make you feel like they know the reason for everything.

My night is not over yet, Thomas will still wake up too nurse, not to mention the dishes, soon it will be though, and a new day will start with its own blessings and challenges; But what a wonderful, ordinary day it has been.