Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedded Bliss

So guess what everyone....I am....Married! WHooooo! And so very happy. Also I know have a new house to clean like crazy! Their is so much still to do. I need to finish up the kitchen, clean the floors, and the most daunting, organize the craft room and closet.
I just heard that my new husband's tire blew out on his way to a job. So I guess my father-in-law is going to tow him back. Now I'm just sitting hear eating the very last of the delicious wedding pie, and feeling useless. Oh well, at least I can have some delicious lo main and fried rice for him when he gets back. :)
Currently ma cat, curious about her new surroundings is climbing everywhere, over the computer towers, the couch, and on the chairs. At least she know not to go on the tables where their are small computer parts. When I get the pictures from my lovely photographer I will post some more. But hear are some for now.

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