Friday, May 11, 2012

As you may have guessed by the blatant lack of posts, particularly that of new recipes, I have bean busy. Very, very busy. My main focus right now is getting my house put together. In that process I have bean day dreaming of my future elfin castle, deep in the mists of the forests..... And I read to much. But, I digress, far to much. Almost to much for my own good... Almost, but not quite.  Any hoo, here are some neat things I have come across on my computer adventures. 
I have bean falling in love with bathtubs that are located in a central area. 

I love this idea, and it is something I can do in my home,

I think this would be so much fun. But it would be even better if it was up in a tree, with a ladder to it. 

I love outdoor spaces, and this is no exception. 

this would be cool, if I had enough rooms for a Jacob to have a study. Then this would be my little nook in said study. 

Beautiful. Need I say more?

This hammock need to be outside, surrounded by trees. 

If could pull off a castle look like this with my house... lovely.

Well, thats a bit of my daydream land. Have a great weekend. Graduations are coming! 


  1. Hi Rachel. This is Julie Kagawa. Remember when you won the copy of The Immortal Rules? Well, I was cleaning out my inbox and like a moron accidentally deleted your email with you address. >.< Would you mind re-sending it so I can send you your book? So sorry about that.

    P.S. I love you blog. :D

  2. I just realized that I don't think I sent this to the right thingy so ignore this if you got the message otherwise this is my info My address is, 2323 Bunting Ave. Grand Junction CO, 81501. Now I'm just supper stoked. Thank you so much, I have bean looking forward to reading it, and posting my review....and shoving it onto people in my book club to read. Your definitely one of the best, Thank you bunches and lots.