Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great news

Hey, so yes I have bean neglecting my blog, but with good reason. I have bean so busy and, well....I'm getting married in a little over a month. So...ya, lots to do. Here are some neat ideas that me and my cousin have bean looking up and conjuring up.
lemon aid and mint water in mason jars, but we are going to put them in a  big wooden fruit basket thing. We are going to have Orange blossom and rose water to flavor them.

paper cones to hold tossing flowers, and put these in a big wicker basket for people to pick up.

different types of bottles and containers/vases to hold flowers for the tables, by the guest book, etc. 
old picture frames with pictures of us, to use for the bridal shower also. 
different types of branches (willow, those curly things) to use with fabric on tables and the fence and other places that you would bunch and hang the fabric. 
the ceremony is going to be on the patio, so I want to do something like the front part to make the awning look pretty. 
the seating is going to be woodden benches that my grandpa made and strawbales with afghans on top. 

I have so many other ideas, but I'll post those later, maybe, if I have time. 

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  1. So excited! I can't wait! And I really like the new layout!