Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vampire for a night part 2

I won the book! Whoop whoop! So what do I get exactly? Well here is a refresher.

This book, which sounds like it will be amazing, signed by the author, July Kagawa.
 You can find the post that has the announcement here.
On another note I am supper excited about a new book that I read called enchanted by 

Alethea Kontis. It was magical and actually quite enchanting. It was a girl meats frog, girl kisses frog, frog turns into prince, and la tee da with a bit of a twist. Ok, a lot of a twist...but still. It was GREAT! Find more about it here

I mean seriously, isn't this cover beautiful? 
Have a great day everyone! Oh, and my dad want's me to tell you that he is now an award winning author. :)

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