Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vampire for a Night

Julie Kagawa (Author of the Iron Fay series and the immortal rules series) is having a contest for a book signed by her. I was super excited. Can we say fun? Oh ya. I took the quiz to see what kind of vampire I am and it said that I am unregistered and that I survive by scavenging on the fringes. Thus, I went with it. We made it a bit urban decay-ie with a bit of polluted looking air kind of thing. My dad plays Fallout so that's more of what he was able to envision when I was explaining what I knew of the story. Unfortunately I haven't read the book...yet. I will once I can get my hands on one and once school is out and I cant become distracted with all the shiny new library books. Te-he.
this is my favorite and my main picture for the competition.
Like the tribal tattoo? The symbol in the middle might be familiar to you if you look closer at the book cover. 
We went down to the old abandoned rail station so that we could get that "urban decay" feel.
Look into my eyesssss! you will give me a prize..... (evil vampire chuckle) 

Fallout baby! Vampires could so rule that game! 
Well, that's the end, after three locations and many, many interesting looks from people, I think we came up with some terrific photos. Have a great week everyone. 
To learn more about the book visit 

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