Monday, January 11, 2016

Green tea and mango smoothie

This smoothie is soooo good! Basically its just a cold green tea late blended with mangoes, but even simpler than that to put together. The mango gives it an extra creamy fruitiness that really compliments the matcha. Have you ever had mango green tea? Or maybe a green tea with tropical fruit flavors in it? It's like that but cream, delicious, and smoothie-fied!

  • Frozen mangoes 2 cups (fresh can be used but it will turn out more like a fresh lassi)
  • Yogurt 1/2 cup (optional)
  • Kefir 1/2 cup (optional)
  • Milk 1-2 cups [depending on if you use the yogurt and kefir or not (nut milks may be substituted)]
  • Matcha powder 1/4tsp - 1 tbsp (depending on your taste (you will need a bit more than usual)
  • Water, only if you need more liquid and you are keeping it low on the milk

Additional supper foods

  • Collagen powder (optional but it adds extra nutrition and creaminess)
  • Whey protein (grass fed and processed on a low heat. Mix enough with water and it can replace the milk)
  • colostrum powder (can be mixed with water to replace the milk and it makes it so creamy!)
  • Maca or other kinds of super foods that go well with late flavors. I personally don't like maca or mesquite but if you do have at it!
I also really like brewing gean and white teas, and blending them with fruit and a little honey. My favorite combination is green tea and peaches. Something about it is just so incredibly delicious, like the tea and the peaches with the honey just bring out so many delicious flavors!

If your interested here is the link to my green tea late recipe.

Thanks for reading! 

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