Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Natural Bath Essentials

Baths are marvelous! It might be rare that I am able to take one these days, especially one uninterrupted by my toddler, but when I can I like to have a variety of products to use. Bath time for me, equals spa time, and I like to have everything I need in one place so that my spa time doesn't get interrupted. 
I like to mix things up as I see fit, depending on what kind of a bath I want to have, weather it's for detoxing, moisturizing, nourishing my skin, or a combination. Since I buy a lot of products in bulk, it really helps to put them in smaller containers so that they don't take up so much room and it is easier to find exactly what I want. I so look forward to the day that I can keep everything out on a little table next to my bathtub, but untill then I am keeping everything in an old Epsom salt bucket with a lid. Having everything in smaller containers really helps to make it so that they all fit inside it too. This way my toddler can't mess with everything and everything stays dry and out of the light; helping to keep things fresh and to not go rancid. 

Things I keep for my bath
Raw Honey (I mostly let it sit on my face while I take my bath)
Powdered goats milk (gets rid of dead skin, and softens skin. I also use as face wash)
Esential oils
Real salt brands bath salts
Epsome salt
Dead Sea salt
MSM flakes (type of sulfur, keeps skin healthy)
Herbs, rose petals, calendula, chamomile, lavender, etc
Cloth baggies to put the herbs in so that I don't have a huge mess to clean out of my bath
Bubble bath
Alo Vera (usually just for masks for my face but I do add it to my bath sometimes)
Floral hydrosals
Dragons blood (makes pores smaller, I only use it on my face)
Tamanu and seabuckthorn oils (so healing and full of vitamins)
Cocoa butter (usually just for my face or sometimes my hair)
Cuticle oil
Bath oil
Bentonite clay (for the bath and masks)

What I really like about the things I use in my bath, it that I can mix things not just for my bath, but also for body scrubs and face masks. So I can mix together my bath oil with some salt and I have a body scrub, or I can wash my face with oil, do a clay mask, them moisturize with a honey goat milk mask, and then let some dragons blood set on it before I rinse that off too and finish off my skincare by spraying some hydrosal on it for toner and then applying my tamanu seabuckthorn oil. 
If I had more room in my Epsom salt thingy then I'd put other oils, clays, salts, herbs, and probably turmeric, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, oat flour, and... I don't know, but I'd probably come up with something! 
Some extra things I like to have that I don't keep with my bath stuff but probably should, is a bowl and spoon/whisk/whatever mixing thing to mix concoctions up for my face, and washcloths. 
Other bath stuff that just doesn't leave my shower is things like, soap, and shampoo, and I'm guessing you can guess the rest. 
I think that's all I wanted to do for this post, I hope you found it helpful. The easiest way to find out about new posts is over on the side bar in the subscription box for you to put your email in and new posts will go directly to your email. 

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