Friday, January 11, 2013

Sharing time

I love watching educational videos on YouTube. I learn so much, and I think that it is important to continue to learn new things, so along with reading I watch a few neatoe channels on You Tube. We don't have a TV, so now Downton Abbey, BUT, it also saves a lot of wall space so that I can put up more picture. Also, we really don't have much of any need for one. If I watch say, 10 videos on YouTube  then that will suck up maybe an hour of my day, but if I watch an hour of TV, I will see maybe 2 shows tops, and they will make me (well, I guess the wont make me, but still!) sit through commercials and the show replaying bits that happened before. So it kinda wastes my time when I can get more information from ten minutes instead of 30.
Here are my favorites! I like lots of geeky things, but they all are very interesting, and definetly keep your attention. Those are first, then I have some of my more girly and diy stuff. 

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