Saturday, January 19, 2013

A new year to add to our lives

Jacob's and mine's birthdays are coming up real soon. His is in just a couple of days, and mine is in a couple of weeks after that. I have bean really thinking about my goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 20 (ah! It seams so soon! just a year away!) and it has brought up a lot of memories of what I have already done. I figured I'd show you some of the highlights of the year, and maybe in another post I'll put up some of what I accomplished with my goals in mind. This year has bean such a crazy ride. I'm glad to have that one behind me, not because it was bad (it wasn't bad at all really) but because it means I have so many more ahead of me to enjoy with new knowledge to help me better myself, new family to help me along the way, and an incredibly wonderful husband to support me and to grow along side me. Believe me, he is still growing, it seams that guy gets taller everyday! hehe

Here is a bit of my year in photos.

 Engaged, book contest, croquet & garden party, bridal shower, graduations, bacheloret party, reception, wedding, powderhorn, helping with breakfast for bikers, cousins family reunion, marriage celebration, wine and cheese party, Halloween, camping, book swaps, fun times in the park. Their are so many other memories that I am being to lazy to post, and even more un-photographed memories that are only tucked away in our minds, but I wanted to share some with you. Even if it was just these precious few. Ok, I need to stop or else I'm going to get all super emotional thinking about this past year. I have made a lot of really good memories that overshadow all of the bad ones. I'd say that this has bean such an amazing year, and I am so, so, SO looking forward to the next one.

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