Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegas and donkeys

Last weekend I took off Tuesday with my parents in our Camper van on a trip to Las Vegas to visit my cousins, on the way we went through Navajo and Hopi Lands and Sedona in Arizona. Be prepared, I went many a place, and had many a delicious treat. 

 Sedona, No 4 way stops, or stop lights, just a lot of crazy round abouts. 
 I thought it looked colorful so I took a picture. 
 This is a franchise that is only in Arizona, so yummy. 
 I had Tomato garlic Bisque soup, it had bits of sun dried tomato in it. Amazing! (Oh, and yes, that is real butter.)
 My mom had a squash soup and this turkey, cranberry, walnut stuffing sandwich. Quite delicious. 
The hoover dam, we didnt do the tour, just all the free stuff which was some nice dam fun. lol. W pretty much tried to put Dam into every sentence, but hay you've gots to. I love the winged statues, and have wanted to go see them forever!
 Wen we were in Las vegas we went to Nordstroms Cafe (it's tradition). Split a bowl of their tomato soup (another tradition). :)
 This was a chicken basil tomato thing, supper yummy. 

 Boston Cream Pie. I never had it before but I must say, it's like an american tiramisu kinda, really good. 

 On the way to Costco we went to Joe's Cactus, (I think is the name). Tones of Cacti and things for your garden, they are also an animal rescue place, with lots of animals. Their are usually goats, lots of dogs, and we saw a pig, so cute. 

 Not shure what this is, I was thinking it is a hot water solar panel. Looked neat so I took a pic. 
 Rescued, dog.
 Their were wield donkeys, but...Tame. They were so soft! We fed them apples. :)

That was part of my trip, well the part I documented. Hope you have a great week. :)

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