Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The perfect summer to autumn late night snack.

I know its kinda late, (I forgot to post this a lonnng time ago) but I'm sure it tastes just as good in just the fall than in the summer-fall transition. After a long day of church going, chipotle eating, and some extreme babysitting that lasted longer than expected I felt like I needed to crawl into bed and go into a coma. After I had some food in my belly of course. When I came home it was dark, and a tad bit chilly, and I had raspberries waiting for me in the fridg.
This is what I made:
Chai tea

  • Chai tea packet
  • water
  • honey
  • goats milk (after about 3 days of sitting in the fridge the cream starts to settle on top, perfect for creamer.)
Raspberry awsomeness
  • Raspberries
  • Goat feta cheese (or some other sort of goat cheese)
  • Honey to drissle over top
  • Orange rind, you can use  basil, mint, pepper or some other spice that's in the chai, instead or with the orange rind. 
Serve in a pretty bowl with a dainty fork. 


  1. Oh yummy! Of coarse it must be served in a pretty bowl with a dainty fork ...Enjoyed best while speaking with a British accent.

  2. hello! found your blog and stopping by to say hello! The raspberry awesomeness sounds so good!

  3. Brenna- oh yes, we must never forget the British accent.

    Crafter's Delights- Hello to you, and thank you, I hope that you have the opportunity to try some. :)