Monday, July 18, 2011

Lavender festivals are sublime. :)

I went to the lavender festival this pas weekend, and got some nifty things, (to be posted shortly).
Then yesterday we went to one of the lavender farms. 
This was frank Sinatra's Car. We saw it after we ate dinner.
This is part of the farm.

 The pretty ponies.
 My Great Grandpa eating a sopapia.
 My Grandma laughs a lot. (most of the time we don't know why. Shhh)

It was supper fun. We found a local suppler for good oils, and we learned how they make the essential oils. We ate lavender espresso brownies, petted a lama, ponies, and cows. I visited with a lady that makes lavender dog biscuits, and we listened to blue grass music. If you didn't have the opportunity to go to the lavender festival in palisade colorado, or go to any of the farms, you really should go next year. I woke up at five today to go pull weeds, so I'm gonna take a nape. good day. :)

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