Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day in the food.

My cousin Liz had this great idea of making a blog post where you feature what you ate that day. (you can see it here ) Since I am in the process of putting together a nifty little cookbook, and people are always wondering what my daily food intake typically consists of, I thought I might post "a day in the food".

Rise and shine beat-sies! Lately I've bean doing green juice in the morning. Usually I start of with some nice Cucumber and celery juice to thicken and shine my hair, and keep my hydrated.  Unfortunately we got a lot of beat greens from the church garden, and they are so bitter! And my mom ads lemon to it so it makes it worse. bleh! But I sufferd through and  when it sits for a while the beat greans seperate from the rest of the juice and make it look kinda nifty. 
Then I had a delicious Mango "orange Julius" Recipe here. It was so yummy, I was sorry to see it go. 

For lunch I made a delicious salad, with the beats from the church garden, romaine letuce, tomatoes, a Greek salad dressing (apple cider vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, and thyme.) And to finish I topped it of with a bit of my homemade raw goat mozzarella.  The Raw beats have such an incredible flavor, its like tasting all of the best parts of the earth.

And finally to finish it off I had some rather unremarkable canned soup. (It tasted like thick water and bland potatoes. But I guess that's what you get with food that has bean killed twice) This was a soup with no added sodium. I figured out why most caned soups have about 800mg of salt or more. without it they would have no flavor. suffice to say, I'm sticking to making my own soup from now on. So sad :(

But to end on a happy note, I brushed my teeth with benzonite powder. Its a clay that I get in the supplement part of the health food store. Clay cleans out toxins and radiation, plus it gives you a lot of minerals that you  don't usually get from your food now days. (this is why littel kids eat dirt, and Pregnant women tend to have cravings for dirt, clay, or ash.) So brush away, and don't forget to swallow it afterwards. your teeth will get so white after just one week of using it. 

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