Monday, November 21, 2016

Natural beauty on a budget

Hey! So I've got a new video up. I'm trying some new things out, I'm not sure if I like the song or the Instagram filtered look, but hopefully I'll  keep it up and make some more. I've got a few ideas such as a lipstick diy, and maybe a lip gloss recipe. As I'm writing this my husband is sitting next to me burning a beeswax candle that he just made by squishing it together... He left the match in it and so now it smells like honey and burning hair. I guess he can't ever complain about my diy's haha!

This video features four products that I have been using regularly for a while now. I like them all quite a lot because they all work well for my sensitive skin and nose. My skin can get irritated pretty easily, and my nose can smell everything to an unpleasant extent, like the smell of dust irritates my nose, it's lame. 

Let me know what you think, please don't tell me about that annoying blotch I realized it after it was uploaded, can any of you tell? feel free to complain with me, just not at me haha! Anyway just watch the video I guess. (wow I really need to get better at this, don't I?)

Ok, so my favorite thing is for sure the Buddha butter. Ohmygoodness it is wonderful! I like all the other stuff, but they are just practical things, Buddha butter feels like a luxury. Like a mini spa, a small moment of indulgence. Can you tell that I'm obsessed? even when I was in humid Florida this stuff was essential. It is never to oily for me, and it always works just the way you want a body butter to work. I don't think I have anything interesting to add about the other products so I'm going to end this now and go get ready for bed. Have a great week everyone and happy thanksgiving! 

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