Monday, February 8, 2016

100%pure Vitamin C Serum review

I've been wanting to try a vitamin c serum for awhile now, and thanks to my mother I've been using 100% pure's vitamin c serum since Christmas.
100% pure vitamin c serum 
It has a very nice consistency, it feels similar to aloe, and it does have it in it which is nice instead of it having glycerin as the main carrier, which I'm not that big of a fan of using on my face. Aloe works much better on my face than glycerin and I've noticed everything soaks in better with the aloe than with products I've used with glycerin. A lot of vitamin c serums I've seen have glycerin in them so I haven't wanted to try those. This one doesn't have glycerin until the very end of the ingredients, which is kind of weird but I haven't had any problems with my skin getting all weird from it like I've had with other products, so it must not be enough to effect it. The pump works pretty good too, I've never had a problem with 100% pure's bottles not working. The only thing is that it isn't glass like a lot of their other products. It's not a big deal, I just like glass better.

Vitamin c serum is supposed to boost collagen production, brighten the skin tone, and stimulate cell renewal. I haven't really noticed any changes in collagen, but then again I haven't had a problem with that yet and I do take a collagen supplement so anyway on to the parts that I have noticed. So far my skin tone has gotten more even especially where I still have skin discoloration from being pregnant. Vitamin c serum is much gentler than using something like lemon juice to lighten your skin, and it seams to even it out better than just lightening it which I really like since I don't want the rest of my skin to lighten, just the scars and the "mask of pregnancy" around my mouth. It got rid of several scars, but the one I was really wanting it to take care of was a larger one on my cheek. It got rid of that one within just a couple of days. Another thing that I've really liked about it is that since my skin is combination, both a more oily T spot and my cheeks and jawline getting really dry especially when I'm stressed, it has helped keep the dead skin that dosn't like to come off easily on my cheeks and jaw from sticking. By sticking, I mean even with harsher scrubs (that I'm not very fond of for many reasons) it just dosn't like to come off. So I end up with layers of dead skin making it even harder to get those spots to get moisturized and happy. It seams to have helped with redness as well, but not as much ass the brightening serum did. (I'll do a review on this one later.) I tend to get bumps of skin (kind of like little skin tags) around my eyes that I usually get rid of with lavender oil, but the vitamin c serum has taken care of those without me needing to add lavender. I don't usually put much around or on my eyes so I hadn't been using the serum on or around them, but once I got a couple of little bumps I decided to try it out and I didn't have any irritation and it got rid of them within a few days. Not quite as fast as the lavender oil, but I didn't need to add one more step to my routine which was nice. 

Other than that the only other things is that the smell is nice. It's very mild with no added fragrance. It is also very easy on my sensitive skin. My skin has a tendency to get red and irritated by anything that it dosn't like, and I haven't had a problem with this serum at all. I've been using it for a month now and haven't even used 1/3 of the bottle so even though it's one of the more expensive things that I use on my skin it ends up not being to much with it lasting so long. Also since it is a vitamin c serum it's very shelf stable so I don't need to worry about it going bad. Over all I am extremely satisfied with this serum. I've never used it by itself, I've only used it without a moisturizer a couple of times, and even though it was alright, my skin felt better using a. moisturizer. 

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