Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Balancing breakfast

This is my breakfast this morning. It is very delicious, however it is very good for starting off your day with a healthful kick! If you want to truly have the optimal amount of health benefits, omit the dairy, however I do better with a little bit of dairy in the morning.
For a balancing breakfast to help your organs repair and feel GREAT, eat...

  • Tree Nuts, the morning is the best time to eat these according to your internal clock, to help your organs. What I have usually are walnuts.
  • Tree Fruits, again, the morning is the best time to eat these, being full of water, they make it easier to get hydrated in the morning. Today I have apples and dates. 
  • Sweeteners from trees. Honey from fruit blossoms, like apricot, apple, peach, etc. and maple syrup. 
  • Balancing drink. 1tsp of maple syrup and 1tsp of cocoa powder in a cup filled with coffee. The cocoa powder and coffee when mixed cancel out the caffeine oddly enough. This drink balances hormones, and helps with all sorts of hormone related...things. Basically it makes my mom not cranky all the time, and any problems that you have that are hormone related will get better or even go away. 
  • Basically anything that comes from a tree, the morning is the time that your body dose best on these foods and can get the most out of the food, also it's the time that these foods have the most nutrition and energy.
This is part of a program that I have bean reading about and trying with good results. I know others who have had extremely good results with this program. Called Yes No Maybe Chronobiotic Nutrition

Well, I'm going back to watching Martha Stewart, have a great day! 

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  1. Hmmm sounds good, but I cant see the piture :(