Monday, January 2, 2012

Candle holder DIY

I got these led flame-less candles the other day on sale at Sams Club. I was board this morning, accidentally  kicked over one of my glass jars, and thought, "Tissue Paper!" Thus the idea was borne! 
What you need. 
  • A flame-less LED candle. (so that your tissue paper doesn't engulf your house in flames)
  • A Jar big enough to hold your candle with enough room left over for your tissue paper to look pretty. 
  • Tissue paper to cover your candle.
Wrap your candle with tissue paper leaving the the ends upright. Turn on your candle, and place in your jar. Fluff up the ends of your tissue paper. See picture above for finished decor. :)

 For another candle holder. You will need a small jar for this and ribbon the height of your jar.Take ribbon, 2 times longer than the length around the inside of your jar and wrap around and place inside jar. Put your candle inside, and voila!

Next you might want to try painting your jar. you can paint designs on the jar, let them dry, then paint the background. that is, if you you paint the inside, witch works well if their is a chance that the jar might get wet. But if you don't want to use LED candles, use a regular tea light and just paint the outside instead. That way you don't haft to worry about weather or not your paint will melt, burn, etc. Make sure that your brush strokes go in the same direction or else it will turnout blotchy. 

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