Monday, September 5, 2011

Pics this week

This week we did many a thing. 
We've bean eating 4 watermelons a week, from Farmers Market

Milked goats. My goat milk lady is out of town and asked If I could milk her goat. Read more on my cousin's blog. wishes and kisses 

Jacob Slerpin it up at the park.

That's Everet in the back, (he's the cute one)

The beautiful Brenna.
My cousin Elizabeth and Everet.

The tree is a weeping mullbeary, they are the perfect tree for kids of all ages. 

Don't you just love their outfits?

When they are younger they make a cave like escape.

Milking those goats took a lot out of us....And the watermelon. 

Here he comes! 

Went downtown with my mom for Labor Day. 

See the birdie? 

Sandwiches at Main St. Bagels. Yum!

This is the shop that I got my bike at.

We ended the day with beautiful people.

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