Monday, March 9, 2015

11 ways to feel better this spring

Here are 11 simple things that you can to to live healthier this spring. These are all things that I have incorporated into my life, and I definitely do not feel very good if I don't do them. Some of them are so simple, that you can do them right now. Others take a little bit of time to get used to 

  1. Adding lemon juice to your water. This just really helps me feel refreshed, and helps me to drink more water. 
  2. Body brush daily. This works wonderful to remove dead skin, increase blood flow,  If you take a shower afterwords you will get clean so much easier. 
  3. I limit my sugar intake. After having to much sugar I can feel irritated and moody (sound like drug withdraws to any of you?) Sugar also 
  4. drinking kefer and/or kumboocha. I love the probiotics and extra nurients from these drinks. They are great to add to smoothies too. Kumboocha also helps to remove excess toxins from your body. 
  5. Switch to drinking more herbal tea rather than caffeine. 
  6. Switching conventional foods with organic, free range, and grass fed products
  7. Start oil pulling. This easy way to whiten teeth, make your mouth healthy, and to gently detox is great for people who don't want to do anything major but want to look a bit better.
  8. Switch out harmful medicine cabinet necessities with homeopathic ones. Stop by your local health food store, the employees are always able to help give you suggestions too.
  9.  Just walk more. weather you accomplish that by parking farther from the store or taking the stairs, getting in more daily steps will give you an easy exercise boost.
  10. reduce TV time, and spend time on hobbies. It is amazing how much better you will feel after accomplishing something you enjoy doing. If you have had a difficult day, doing something you love to make you actually feel better about yourself instead of just vegging out and putting your low mood in the back of your mind till later can really help you to feel like you can do other tasks better.
  11. Daily stretching. Even if its just simple stretches you learned in grade school, stretching daily helps "unclog" your body, helping blood to get places easier, increases oxygen in your body, and not to meantion helping your body feel good, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting. 

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