Sunday, November 4, 2012


 I'm going to have a couple tutorials sometime this week, one on making sauerkraut, and another on either making quill pens or a fabric dying diy, and possibly both with video. Frankly I'm astonished that I'm actually thinking about doing something so involved with my blog. My slacker self aside, their have actually bean some fun stuff happening around my little homestead!
I made Sauerkraut with my mom. We also made another batch yesterday with red beets instead of the golden ones. So pretty! 

Why did our chickens cross the road, to vises with the neighbor chicken of course!  The chickens in my neighborhood are all very friendly with each other. My neighbor down the street's chickens also like to go over to my neighbor's house to visit with his chicken.

I have bean working on some collagy things that are pretty fun

This is now officially my favorite soap. It smells so good and  makes my skin so soft. It is scented with essential oils so it doesn't bother my nose or head. :) Also it's only about $4, and for me that's about $1.50 a moth for a bar of soap, an I use it quite liberally. 

The cat and chickens keep having all these face offs, ware they both end up running away in fear.  I am rolling my eyes at Isabella, she is such a city cat! I suppose I should be glad she isn't eating my chickens. lol

I painted some awesome shorts. Their are all sorts of diy's for this kind of fabric painting this is my favorite,

We celebrated my grandma's birthday with muffins from farmers market (and cupcakes)  and tea for breakfast. Then we went to an alternative health fare at Barns and Noble's. Later we had pie from farmers market and goat milk ice cream. 

I have bean enjoying this awesome weather, sitting in my rocking chair. Oh, and those are a pair of my new glasses. 
We went to goblin valley in Utah. It was my first time camping in a tent and I loved it! 

Sputnik decided to climb into the bike trailer. 

This is my first ever white lasagna! I put greens and things from the garden into it. 
Jacob was the Brawny man for holloween. 

I was some space princess person, I'm still not quite sure exactly. 

My chickens are becoming ugly. This was from yesterday. This morning when I went to feed them, they had so many more patches. Sad, so sad. But, they need to molt so that they can be warm for winter. 

And I found out that my husband is obsessed with arcade games. He even likes watching people play them on You Tube. Sometimes he amazes me with he things he likes.
Happy Fall Back everyone! I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep that I didn't get because my chickens demanded to be fed. At least I finally got something posted for once. Don't forget that tutorials are coming up within the next week!!!!! Yay!

And Here are some supper cool you tube channels that I follow. Most of them are nerdy, but I really like expanding my mind when I watch videos.

This one is about how trees get water up so high. by 1veritasium 

by minutephysics

You live in the past, by vsauce. This is my favorite, they have all sorts of neat things.

Death of Yolo by bball1989

Elements- Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling by lindseystomp

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