Saturday, October 8, 2011

Truck Farm!

Ok, so yes, I know, I have not bean posting like, at all, but I blame school. To make up for this, I am going to tell you about a nice little story about a guy and his lack of land. So truck farm, is a documentary type movie about a guy, with no land, but a truck. so what dose he do? he takes said truck, and puts roof garden material on the bed, for proper drainage after he drilled hols in the bottom. and then he put garden roof soil on that, and then regular soil on that. It shows some of the adventures the truck farm went on to visit comunity gardens, and even a truck farm all the way in Denver. They also went to see some hydroponic window systems, (which are super, I so want one) and they were even able to sell their produce! The movie goes into detail (ofcourse) and has some more super stuff in it, I highly recommend you see it.
Watch a short trailer (no pun intended) here.
Happy Farming!

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